Currently the discussion about energy depends of the policy of economic power or the impact on our environment. The cross between economic and environmental cost focuses on a common line: stocks. According to the constructions cultural, communications and industrial that the energy generates, the inverse side to his production, storage and distribution is think about an inanimate environment or what is the same, without life as we know. Despite all vibrations, radiation and energy flows in communication and social spaces, understanding of the energies in the arts still it prevails relatively static. Public Domain Energy is a research project that connects two lines; Energy production under the idea of «DIY» like experimental practical and production of collective knowledge under the ideal of permanent energy aligned with the «lowcost» sign.

Public Domain Energy plans to work with video-tutorials from Youtube as a source of shared and collective knowledge. The project consist to do a serie of small prototypes to propose a reflexion about of the energy, his chances of experimentation as a physical phenomenon and his finitude in terms of time.

Project made thanks to the Grant Baden-Württemberg / Cataluña 2016 and the collaboration of:

Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg
Goethe institut